Changes to SPRNG 1.0

How is version 1.0 different from version 0.5?

  1. Fortran stream_number in calls to init_sprng now starts from 0 instead of from 1.

  2. A parallel Multiplicative Lagged Fibonacci Generator (mlfg) has been implemented.

  3. lcg64 and cmrg now use larger primes as addends. So the random number sequences will now be different from those in Version 0.5.

  4. Default parameter to init_sprng is called SPRNG_DEFAULT instead of DEFAULT.

  5. Several functions have been inlined, to improve speed.

  6. Directory 'include' contains the headers, and 'lib' the SPRNG libraries, instead of using 'SRC' and '.' respectively. If you have untarred SPRNG into a location where an old version is present, please remove your old interface.h, sprng.h, and sprng_f.h files in SRC and either make links to those in the 'include' directory, or copy them to SRC.

  7. SRC/make.GENERIC helps in installation on new machines.

  8. 'pack_sprng' now returns the state of a stream in a machine independent format that can be unpacked with 'unpack_sprng' (except for pmlcg, which still stores numbers in a machine dependent format). It may be incompatible with data stored in the version 0.5 format.

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