Quick Start

This document instructs the user on how to quickly install and use some of the simpler SPRNG features. It assumes that the user has some experience installing software and in using random number generators. However, links are provided in case more details are required.

Installing Default SPRNG Libraries


We give some examples to demonstrate the use of some simple features of SPRNG. Our examples use the 48 bit Linear Congruential Generator. These examples assume that the user wishes to use only one random number stream per processor. Thus we can make use of the simple interface available on SPRNG. We have provided examples for both serial and parallel computers. Further details, especially for the default interface, can be found in the usage section of the user's guide.

Note that the SPRNG libraries are placed by default in the sprng/lib directory, and the include files are in sprng/include.

Using SPRNG in a serial program


Using SPRNG in a parallel program


Converting User Code to SPRNG

Those FORTRAN users who are not used to the C preprocessor can read the note to FORTRAN users on this topic.


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