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Platforms to which SPRNG has been Ported

Since we have added automake/autoconf in SPRNG 4.0, the user should be able to install SPRNG on most machines easily.

In order to execute the MPI executables, the user typically issues a command of the following form:

mpirun -np n a.out

where n is the number of processors required.

Some of the machines that are compatible with SPRNG include

Parallel Machines

Cray T3D

Cray T3E


SGI-CRAY Origin 2000

SGI Power Challenge

Sequential Machines

SPRNG has been ported to the workstations mentioned below. Since these machines were single processor systems, the MPI version of SPRNG was not used.


SPRNG was been ported to an HP9000/715 workstation.

PC running Linux

SPRNG was been ported to a Pentium 200Mhz PC running Linux.


SPRNG was been ported to a SUN workstation running SUN OS and SOLARIS.