User's Guide:Macros

Macros Defined or Used in SPRNG

SPRNG users may wish to know the significance of the following macros:


This macro makes sprng return single precision values instead of the double precision default.


This macro defines the maximum number of bytes required to store the state of any SPRNG stream when calls to pack_sprng are made. It is usually used by FORTRAN programmers to define an array of sufficient size.


This macro defines an integer of the same size as a C pointer for use in FORTRAN programs. FORTRAN programmers can use this macro as if it were a FORTRAN data type. If the flag -DPOINTER_SIZE was set to a particular value while building the SPRNG library, then the same value should be used in compiling the user programs too.


This macro invokes the simple interface.


This macro builds the MPI version of the SPRNG libraries.


SPRNG needs to make MPI calls in the MPI version during calls to make_sprng_seed and during initialization in the simple interface. This macro enables these calls. Users running sequential program would not define this macro even if the MPI version of SPRNG has been installed. This macro can be used only if the MPI version of SPRNG has been installed.

Apart from these macros, the parameters to the generators during initialization too are macros.

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