SPRNG Version 5.0

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  • Download SPRNG 5.0

    Changes made in Version 5.0 - Please read this if you are using any of the previous versions. SPRNG 5.0 is not 100% backwards compatible.

    Quick Start
    A brief tutorial on installing and using some simple SPRNG features. It assumes some experience in installing software. However, links are provided in case more detail is required.

    Quick Reference
    Quick reference sheets for the SPRNG interfaces.

    User's Guide
    Contains detailed information on installing and using the libraries. It also discusses testing the generators for their quality.

    Reference Manual
    Presents detailed discussions of the various SPRNG functions.

    Several Examples are how to use SPRNG..

    For technical assistance in installing or using SPRNG, please send email to sprng@cs.fsu.edu.