Configuring SPRNG Options

When installing the SPRNG library, you must run ./configure to generate the makefile and config.h files before running the make command. This command has three optional arguments to allow the enabling and disabling of features. The SPRNG libraries default to enabling FORTRAN compilation and disabling both MPI compilation and the TestU01 test file compilation.

FORTRAN Compilation

The ability to use the SPRNG library with a FORTRAN compiler is disabled by default. If, however, this capability is desired, you may enable it by running ./configure with the --with-fortran=yes argument. If you wish to explicitly disable this functionality (e.g. for logging purposes), you may do so with the --with-fortran=no argument.


MPI compilation is disabled by default. If you wish to use MPI, you may enable this option by running ./configure with the --with-mpi=yes argument. If you wish to explicitly disable this functionality, you may do so with the --with-mpi=no argument.


The TESTS/TU01 folder of SPRNG contains a number of tests that rely on the installation of the TestU01 library. These tests are not compiled by default, but they may be enabled when running ./configure by specifying the location of the compiled TestU01 library and include files. There are two methods for doing this. If the two locations are subdirectories within the same directory, the library files are located in the /lib subdirectory, and the include files are located in the /include subdirectory (as in a default installation), then this can be specified with the --with-testu01=dir option, replacing dir with the path to the directory containing these two subdirectories. If, however, a different directory structure is needed, one may specify this using the --with-testu01lib=dir and --with-testu01inc=dir arguments. In order for the TestU01 tests to be compiled either the --with-testu01=dir or BOTH the --with-testu01lib=dir and --with-testu01inc=dir arguments must be used.


Below, we have provided some examples of configuration with multiple options specified:

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